Hobbyist game dev. Computer science engineering student. 21.


CaDCC - U. of Chile CS Student Council

Mini Bunnies - Indie Game Studio

VGDev - U. of Chile game-dev community.

Game Jams

OperaGX Game Jam
Wi-Fi for Wanderers (only)

“A chill game of travel and discoveries. (And some ghost fighting!) Journey across the cosmos to recover stolen Wi-Fi! But… let’s take the scenic route. There’s a whole world to explore!”

Playable in browser!


OperaGX Game Jam

“The Wi-Fi has been stolen but IT Dog is on the case! Get in your W.U.F.O. and chase after the monsters who stole it! Now that’s some good tech support.

Playable in browser!

Disclaimer: I actually didn’t work much on this half of the project, but was on the team, so I would like to promote it regardless c:

GM48 #39
Monster Kitchen Island

“On an island so small it did not have a name, my great-grandfather, Datuk Ismail, was visited by a monster from the sea…

Amaze me Game Jam
Lam's Untitled Neon

Lam’s Untitled Neon follows the story of an old neon light maker who hopes his granddaughter will continue his business. But maybe she has other plans?
A narrative game. Come for the story, stay for the super cool neon light facts!”
  • 12th Place, October 2020.
  • Theme: Watch them Grow.
  • Made in 48 hours with my sister, in GMS 2.
“Harvest plants, sow souls in your farm plots, and feed them the right food to create unique spirits for your new friends.”
  • 1st Place, April 2020.
  • Theme: Small World.
  • Made in 48 hours with my sister, in GMS 1.4. 

“You decide to finally venture out of your small world. Fight, explore and meet other small-worlders and weave them together.”

  • 9th Place, January 2020.
  • Theme: Collect!
  • Made in 48 hours with my sister, in GMS 1.4. 

“A melancholic creature is trapped on a beach. Can you, a wandering hermit crab, collect what is needed to set this being free?”

  • 14th Place, October 2019.
  • Theme: Climb the Tower.
  • Made in 48 hours, in GMS 1.4. 

“The GOBLINS are trying to STEAL your magic crystal! It’s up to you to build up your tower and stop them!”

Other Projects

  • Playtesting
  • English to Spanish Localization
Game by Sparkee Software. Available on Steam.

“-SPROUT- is a mini precision-platformer built for speed-running. Run, jump and dash your way through 100 levels across five unique lands, and restore your world to its former glory.”

  • English to Spanish Localization
Game  by dev_dwarf. Available on itch.io.

“A small adventure game with sunflowers, magic, and skeletons. After the darkness is unleashed, journey through the light and dark worlds, rediscover your powers, and seal the dark away.”

Python program for fixing a specific world-corrupting bug in minecraft saves. Collaboration with DemonInTheCloset.

Missing Structure Fix – Modded structure cleaner for minecraft. Removes all references to non-existent structures to allow for clean error logs and chunk saving. The program goes through every chunk, in every region file of the world, removing the relevant structure reference and structure start tags.

Designed to fix worlds suffering from the [MC-194811] Missing structures will destroy saved worlds bug, where uninstalling a mod which generated custom structures causes the world to become unstable.

Fixes errors such as Unknown structure start: <missing structure>, Failed to save chunk

A youtube playlist of game development, and music making collaborations I’ve done with my sister Nyxipuff.
Yes, this is a lot of white-space. Hopefully I can do more projects to fill it up! c:


Northwatch Estate revolt against Maple Industries (postponed due to weather):

It's time.



Font used: Pixellari by Zacchary Dempsey-Plante

Color palette: Oil 6 by GrafxKid